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The "Brush Up With Braun" Podcast Is Here!

We mentioned this past March that we would be introducing a new podcast this Spring as part of our Braun's Painting Network initiative, and we are happy to announce that Season 1 of "Brush Up With Braun" is now out and available on our YouTube page titled Braun's Painting Network. You can listen and/or watch Episode1 below. All 6 episodes are out and available:

For now, the podcast is available exclusively on our Braun's Painting Network YouTube page, but we will get it distributed on the major podcast platforms soon.

What's "Brush Up With Braun" About?

As you might expect, the podcast will be about all things relevant to the residential painting trade, but it will also feature related home improvement and business topics.

While Season 1 was conducted as a solo presentation so I could iron out any bugs and gain some experience, future seasons will feature guests and experts relevant to residential painting, home improvements, and business. The types of guests will include:

Painters & Contractors


Project Consultants


Manufacturer's Reps

Business Owners

Insurance Agents

Safety & Health Pros

Real Estate Agents

Legal Professionals

Technology Professionals

Homeowners & DIYers

...and any other industry or business professional that is relevant to our focus.

Our goal is to provide motivational, educational, and entertaining content for the following types of listeners: (and no, I don't live in a van down by the river...yet anyway)

Who is our target audience?

Homeowners interested in home improvement, whether DIY or learning more about contractors so you can be more confident with your hiring decisions.

Contractors and/or aspiring contractors who are looking to learn more or hear other perspectives about our awesome trade and related home improvements.

Business owners or anybody interested in business and the many related topics.

Any industry pros that serve the residential/architectural coatings industry or related home improvement fields who'd like to learn more, hear other perspectives, and better understand their customer base.

We will produce 4 seasons a year and they will be released in the Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter. Each season will have approximately 6 episodes and will heavily feature guests beginning with Season 2.

Why Are We Producing "Brush Up With Braun"?

Some of you may be wondering why we would spend the time and effort to produce this podcast series?

For a lot of reasons. We've been wanting to produce a podcast for the last 5 years and the timing is finally right to get it done. If you didn't read our last blog post in March about the launch of Braun's Painting Network, that will explain a lot about how consumer education is now an embedded part of our business strategy for 2024 and moving forward. You can read that blog post here:

We've come to realize that getting involved with educating & interacting with consumers, DIYers, contractors, business owners and other industry pros is great for business in more ways than one.

Most importantly, this active engagement and content-creation will keep Braun's Painting and BPN on the cutting edge of the industry and ensure we are up-to-date with the best & latest products, equipment, and processes and position us to be leaders in our market for years to come. We will learn as much as anybody else with Braun's Painting Network and the Brush Up With Braun podcast and we are all about continuous improvement at Braun's Painting.

We are confident that our BPN content will be great for lead generation and closing great deals in our market as a well-known and respected brand that is an authority figure in the industry.

We also believe that as our content and footprint grows over the coming years, consumer education and consultation will be a significant part of our revenue stream to supplement our in-home service business and our goal is to position ourselves as industry influencers and work with brands and other professionals to grow the industry and our own business.

Just as important, we want to make a positive impression on the public regarding our profession that sometimes gets a bad rap, and sometimes deservedly so. We want to highlight all that is great about our profession and allow for acknowledgement of the industry's many talented people.

Lastly...because it's fun! I started my own business so I could be excited in the morning to tackle my day and working on "Brush Up With Braun" is fun for me. The fact we are able to help people along the way is icing on the cake!

No, we are not concerned about giving away all our secrets, lol. If people want to hire a contractor, they will do it. If people want to DIY, they will do it no matter what I do. I want them to be able to turn to Braun's Painting or Braun's Painting Network to get their projects done one way or the other.

"Brush Up With Braun" is at the core of our motto: Motivate, Train, & Entertain.

What Else Is Happening At Braun's Painting Network:

We've been busy trying to establish our presence on the YouTube page and Instagram through the production of video Shorts/Reels. These short videos are vertical format intended to be viewed on a phone or tablet and are always under 60 seconds. They are intended to be some combination of educational/motivational or funny.

Here are some examples of recent short videos we did:

How Can Painting Be Funny?

It just can be, stop fighting it and check out some of these recent videos:

Who doesn't want to watch Big Pharma and March Madness spoofs and a dude fighting a can of paint?

The Paint Trainer Series

Along with the podcast, The Painter Trainer Series will be a huge educational initiative for us throughout the year. These are longer format videos that are "how-to" and instructional in nature. We only have 2 videos completed so far but are very encouraged by the impact our first video has made in terms of views and watch hours. It is a video about whitewashing a brick fireplace and we produced it last year primarily as a test and learning experience. It is clearly helping homeowners and showing up well on search, so I believe we'll be able to produce a lot of similarly helpful content for homeowners around the country.

We have a production schedule set up for the series and expect it to really accelerate in the second half of 2024. You can stay up to date on this learning series by following our YouTube playlist and be notified when new content is produced.

How Can You Help?

If you like what you've seen so far from BPN and would like to help us grow, please be sure to visit our YouTube page and subscribe first and foremost. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook and definitely subscribe to this blog so you are always up-to-date on the latest BPN happenings.

If you have family or friends that you think would enjoy or benefit from our work, please pass it along.

Happy painting!

Steve Braun

Owner & Project Manager

Braun's Painting, LLC

Host Of Braun's Painting Network

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