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Customer Wall of Fame

Inaugural Class of 2021
Tracey Diamond
Baldwinsville, NY
Inaugural Class '21

Tracey owns the distinction as our first ever, officially signed contract. She initially hired us to do work on her parents' house, which she owned as a rental property. Since then, her legend has grown by hiring Braun's Painting for several phases of work in her Baldwinsville home. We've painted bedrooms, bathrooms, a utility room, her kitchen walls (twice), an accent on her family room ceiling, her entry foyer, and also her kitchen cabinets.


While these accomplishments alone are reason for the Wall of Fame, Tracey's biggest impact has come from her referrals to her friends and neighbors. Tracey has referred over $40,000 worth of business to us over the years! These projects include whole exteriors, multiple whole-house interiors, kitchen cabinets, and more. Honestly, these are only the referrals that are obvious and that I'm aware of. The full extent of the trickle-down effect from her referrals will likely carry on for years to come and will never be fully calculated or understood. We may have violated labor laws by not sending her commissions!


This hasn't been confirmed, but rumor has it, that whenever a potential client declines working with Braun's Painting, Tracey summons her ancient ancestors to haunt their walls in the form of sloppy cut lines and paint splatters.

Gavin & Jennie Lynch
Baldwinsville, NY
Inaugural Class '21

Gavin & Jennie's home in Baldwinsville was the first exterior project in our history! Since that fateful moment, they have brought us back on several occasions to paint their kitchen, entry foyer, and even to execute a decorative painting technique in their powder room.


What we appreciate most, is we were brought back on two occasions to help during major life moments. The first was when Jennie called us back to paint their entry door as an anniversary gift for Gavin. Most recently, they hired us to paint the nursery for the arrival of their new twins!


The only down side to the Lynch legacy, is that I now suffer from a mild sleep disorder, which features tossing and turning and indiscernible sleep-mumbling, brought on by the echoes of Great Dane paws barreling down toward my fully extended ladder. Who needs sleep, anyway?


What's more important, is that the Lynch family patronage doesn't end there. Gavin also hired us to paint his entire dental office in Camillus, and then brought us back a year later to paint cabinetry at the office as well.


Interestingly enough, Braun's Painting has since moved into the office space below Gavin's dentist office, and now I can live out my dream of having the easiest commute to the dentist in all of history. (Improving my life goals is on the 2021 radar)


In another unsubstantiated rumor, there are whispers that Gavin plans to arrive to work early so he can sneak into the Braun's Painting office and admire his photo on the Wall of Fame. He plans to drink coffee slowly while nodding his head in unrivaled satisfaction.

Class of 2022
Nicole Rowe
Baldwinsville, NY

Class Of '22

Nicole is a legendary customer, to say the least!


Not only did she have us paint the entire inside and outside of her first house, but she went ahead and bought a new house and had us back to paint the entire interior of that home too! Now that is loyalty and devotion! 


Our first job for Nicole was in the early days of the business, when Steve was still working by himself.  She showed incredible patience and trust in Steve as he worked through the house over the course of two-week period, remaking her home with new colors.  Steve painted every room in the house, including the finished basement and kitchen cabinets.  Braun’s Painting was invited back a couple years later and the team painted her exterior, including the back deck. 


We were ecstatic when we learned Nicole had upgraded to a new home and wanted us to paint that entire interior as well! When you spend that much time working with somebody, you get to know them. It was great to see her son after a few year during our  Wall Of Fame visit. He is no longer a little kid, but rather a giant offensive tackle on his high school football team!

Candy & Steve Morse
Tully, NY

Class Of '22

Candy & Steve were one of our first exterior contracts.  Due to poor application methods and preparation, they had years of struggles where the paint was pulling off the house the year after it had been applied.


We took on this bear of a project and completely stripped off the paint from the siding, prior to applying fresh primer and top coats.  This pristine, white colonial beauty has been featured on the home page of our website for years and will forever have a place in Braun’s Painting lore.


We have since been back on several occasions to work on the inside of their home, including their grand entry and staircase, and a basement project.  We continue to maintain their exterior siding with smaller routine service calls and have also helped them with their porch.  Candy reached out to us in 2021 to help get her mother’s house ready for sale, and we were honored to get the home looking great for the market!


What we appreciate most about the Morses, is their willingness to suggest us to friends, family, and neighbors, and by always speaking well of us in the community.  That is priceless for a small business!

Sue & Tom Dietrich
Baldwinsville, NY

Class Of '22

Sue & Tom Dietrich first contacted Braun’s Painting regarding the painting of their kitchen cabinets.  The freshly painted white cabinets, with an accented island, has become an iconic photo in Braun’s Painting marketing and sales materials. 


We were honored when they called us back to paint the entire exterior of their home, as they were looking for a color change.  As if that wasn’t enough, they invited us back to paint the open living space in their interior, including their impressive great room with vaulted ceilings.


You have to be grateful for that type of loyalty and repeat business, but the Dietrich’s have take it a step further and been advocates for Braun’s Painting, having recommend us on numerous occasions.  One such example is their neighbor across the pond, who also had us paint the entire exterior and interior of their home before referring us to her sister.  So you can see how powerful their recommendations have become. You know you’re a true Wall Of Famer, when you are referring us to future Wall Of Famers! 

Class of 2023
Eric & Bridget Ouderkirk
Baldwinsville, NY

Class Of '23

Eric & Bridget are the first Father-Daughter tandem on the Braun's Painting Wall Of Fame! What an honor it's been to work with this family.

Bridget first contacted us to paint the entire interior of her newly purchased home.  We helped with color consultation and sample work, and were able to get her home painted in time to move in! In wasn't long before she had us come back to paint her beautiful kitchen cabinets and recommend us to her father, Eric.

Eric contracted us to paint the entire interior of a home before he transitioned the property to another family member. It was an amazing project, with all the ceilings, walls, trim, doors, cabinets, and vanitiies painted throughout the house! That job alone was a month's worth of work for the BP Team.  

As if that wasn't enough, Eric had us work on his new home shortly after to complete the sheetrock finishing and painting in his large 3 car garage.

The apple didn't fall far from the tree for these BP legends!

Pat & Maria Dillon
Camillus, NY

Class Of '23

Pat and Maria are they type of customers any service business would love to have! Not only are they loyal repeat customers, but they are advocates for the business having suggested us and referred us many time.  Maria can be regularly spotted on social media suggesting our services.  We can't say it enough how much we appreciate that!

The Dillons first contacted us to paint their kitchen, including ceiling, walls, trim, and of course the kitchen cabinets.  They were so thrilled with the work that they invited us back to tackle various other interior painting projects such as a hallway, stairway, and bathroom.

Not to be outdone, we were the first and only call when it was time to get their exterior cedar siding stained, and we help deliver an beautiful color change on the siding, trim, and windows.

We hope this legendary couple has a great dinner date on us!

Shane & Jenna Kimmel
Manlius, NY

Class Of '23

This young couple goes way back to our first year in business.  Just recently married and new homeowners, we were hired to freshen up their beautiful Manlius home and make it their own!  We painted every room in the house, including their kitchen cabinets.

As the years went on, we were brought back five or 6 times for various interior projects such as bathroom and dining room color changes...and a fresh coat in the nursery as they started their family.

We were even called in on a couple specialty projects, including; the application of stain and polyurethane to some newly installed windows, and painting that awesome black wood wall behind them in this picture!

They added to their BP legacy by suggesting us to their parents, who hired us for another substantial interior painting project.

It's been great watching this young family grow over the years and hopefully those youngsters smash up the house and we can come back to repaint the walls when they are teenagers.  Haha!

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