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Signing Contract

At Braun's Painting, we strive for the best in professionalism and communication.  For many homeowners, it can be very frustrating to make connections with contractors to evaluate and compare your options for a service provider.   You're often faced with games of phone tag and missed appointments, or even proposals that were promised but never delivered.  Have you ever thought to yourself, "Who exactly is coming to my home for this estimate?"

Our goal is to make it as easy and efficient as possible for prospective clients to evaluate our credentials and reputation, our team and processes, and of course our quality and pricing structure.  We provide transparency and valuable insight up front so you aren't left spinning your wheels.


Our goal is to provide as much insight as possible up front, so you can easily evaluate Braun's Painting as a great fit for your project.  We have strong online visibility with search engines, social media, and this industry leading website.   It's easy for prospective clients to research our business with major online tools like Google and Facebook.  Not only will you uncover our outstanding reputation, but you know we are accountable to our quality and customer satisfaction due to our strong online presence. 

Repeat Customers

We are fortunate to have a very strong base of repeat clients.  If you are one of those valuable past customers, we are happy to provide as much consultation and written quotes as you'd like, at no cost or obligation.  Once you do business with Braun's Painting, we are there for you for the long haul. Please contact Steve Braun, our Project Consultant, to schedule your remote consultation and/or home visit today!

Steve Braun


New Customers

We also have a great process in place to help prospective new clients connect with us for a free, no-obligation consultation.  New clients can connect with us in following ways at no charge:

  • Free phone consultation with our Project Consultant, Steve Braun


Discuss your project details, timeline, and expectations while also learning more about Braun's Painting credentials, processes, team members, budget parameters, and much more. This is the perfect opportunity to quickly and efficiently evaluate Braun's Painting as a great fit for your project. We offer valuable insight into the profession and provide transparency with our processes and pricing model. You can schedule your onsite walk-through right on this call, so that we can provide you with your personalized and itemized written quote.

  • Free online consultation with our Project Consultant, Steve Braun, using the popular Zoom app

For a more personalized experience, book your online consultation with video, pictures, and content shares as you discuss your project with Steve Braun live.

  • Free  office consultation with our Project Consultant, Steve Braun, at our Camillus, NY office


Meet with Steve Braun personally to discuss your project while also seeing examples of our work and our industry leading color design center. 

No matter which way you prefer to meet, we provide easy appointment booking right on this website. You can see our available time slots and find the date and time that works for you, all while avoiding those frustrating games of phone tag. You book it and Steve will be there! 


You can schedule your consultation right now by clicking here!

Project Walk-Through & Itemized Quote

During your consultation, you'll have the opportunity to schedule an onsite walk-through so Steve Braun can personally inspect your property and gather all the details needed to provide you with a world class project quote. We use the latest technology so your itemized quote will be delivered right to your email. You'll be able to navigate a detailed description of your project's scope of work, itemized pricing, and room-by-room photographs and project details...without the pressure of an in-home salesmen breathing down your neck.

If you're not comfortable with an email, Steve is happy to present the proposal to you personally at your home or at our office, on good old fashioned paper!  Or we could even put it in the mail for you.


Want to see an example of our detailed quotes for yourself?  Check out the difference and level of professionalism you'll experience with a Braun's Painting quote:

Click here for an example quote!

Once you decide to work with Braun's Painting and schedule your work, you can conveniently sign your contract agreement electronically and receive your booking and schedule email in short order.

We have worked hard to provide our customers and prospective clients a first-rate experience as you consider Braun's Painting for your project.  We hope to hear from you soon!

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