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Braun's Painting Network

Motivate. Train. Entertain.

Braun's Painting Network (BPN) is an extension of our 5-star residential painting company based in Camillus, NY.  BPN strives to reach beyond our local market and provide additional value to a wide audience.  As a leader in the residential painting trade, we will provide valuable information and insight through various digital media and aim to positively impact the industry through educational content.  In addition to how-to content, quick tips, and industry news, we use our love of humor and storytelling to bring further awareness and entertainment value to our amazing profession.  The content on BPN is intended for homeowners, DIYers, current & prospective painters, designers, general contractors, industry pros, suppliers, manufacturers, and anybody else who has interest in our craft.  

It's our belief this commitment to learning and community interaction will allow us to become better tradesmen ourselves and a more impactful organization overall.  If we learn something knew in our research or a viewer's input shines new light on a topic, we are eager to grow.


We know we can't serve everybody, but if our content can help a homeowner across the country complete their project with great results, we will consider that a major success!  If our content can help somebody outside our service market identify what a great painting contractor should look like, and they make a great hiring decision as a result...that is a huge win for the trade and homeowners alike! 

If we can inspire you to finally complete that project.  To create something beautiful.  We love that. 


If we can motivate you to work in this trade, the industry needs you badly. High quality people doing high value work for great people.  If you're a craftsmen and learned anything at all, we are proud that we could help.

If our content made you laugh and improved your day, we will consider that payment enough.


We love what we do, and it's our goal to motivate, train, and entertain!

Braun's Painting Network features the following content:

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