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We are committed to continue to serve our customers and bring joy to the community during this difficult period of time with the global pandemic.  We regularly monitor the most current news and make sure we are current to the relevant guidelines and will always have our customer and employee health as a priority.

At this time, employees are not required to wear masks while working inside your home on our end, but the customer can always request the team to wear masks and we will gladly comply. The team is equipped with masks, hand sanitizer and wipes to utilize as needed.  All employees are screened each morning for obvious symptoms and we will hold out any employees who exhibit symptoms or aren't feeling well. We follow all guidelines as set forth by state and local officials.

We do not mandate vaccinations on our team, and some of our team members are vaccinated while others are not. If you'd like to discuss any concerns related to that regarding your project or a prospective project, please contact our Project Consultant Steve Braun at or 315-706-7828.

Additionally, Braun's Painting is a leader in using technology to allow our customers to engage with us in a convenient and safe manner.  You can watch the videos below to learn more about booking remote consultations from our website, or to see a demo of our electronic quotes, contracts, and online billing process. You can also learn about how we differentiate in the color selection process!

Booking Your Phone Consultation
Online Billing & Payments
Online Quotes & Contracts
Color Consultation
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